Service Design Reading/Insipiration Material

September 10, 2013

I’m often asked about Service Design reading material: sometimes for just “an introduction”,  other times they call it “resources”, or even “swimming pool reading list”, ay ay ay! It is hard for me to point to a single reference and I hate to overload people with information, instead of inspiring them to learn more. I…

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Malofiej21 – Data Visualization Conference

April 5, 2013

Spain’s world renown data visualization conference, 2013 Pamplona I’ve learned about Malofiej thanks to Moritz Stefaner and Enrico Bertini who run one of my favourite podcasts, Datastories, they always interview and talk about the best professionals, books, workpieces, related to Data-visualization which is a discipline that fascinates me. To start with, I was really surprised…

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Investigación para Diseño / Design Research

September 12, 2012

Nunca me ha resultado fácil explicarle a mi mamá a que me dedico, supongo que debería ser mucho mas fácil explicarlo a mis compañeros de la universidad, después de todo estudiaron conmigo, pero aveces encuentro que tampoco es el caso, ¿Qué hace un Investigador para Diseño?, ¿Qué lo hace diferente de otras disciplinas relacionadas con…

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Interaction Design Disciplines

Estudiar Diseño de Interacción en España

August 14, 2012

Una amiga me pidió que respondiera algunas preguntas acerca de mi trabajo, a estas alturas es un poco confuso por que hago un poco de UX un poco de Diseño de Información, otro poco de Project Management, y también un poco Visual además de el toque más reciente en dirección a Diseño de Servicios, de…

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International Research Survival Guide – Basic V.1

August 12, 2012

This “basic survival guide” was collected from the learnings shared by colleagues and put together for anyone who is the leader of a research project on an international scale that involves managing resources in other countries; projects demanding a high degree of management and communication throughout. General Communication “Be aware of any time zone differences…

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Designit: Research, Service and Interaction Designer

April 1, 2012

I started working at what is now Designit in January 2010, back then it was a small spanish consultancy called dnx, I found them through their advertising of h2i institute which made me think that was really similar to my course, later on while in a project with my friend Marc he said that he…

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Co-creation workshop with Liz Sanders – March 2012

March 14, 2012

I was really lucky to have a small break between projects in order to be able to attend to a two day co-creation workshop given by Liz Sanders who is one of the most important academics and professionals on this field. It was really nice to remember that I’ve meet Liz about 8 years ago…

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Teaching Service Design and Visual Thinking at h2i Institute

January 25, 2012

Before anything I must say that I discovered my current job at Designit thanks to this initiative, I read about h2i Institute on the web and I immediately though that it was the kind of place I could be involved with as they projected an image very similar to what I did on my Interactive…

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Service Blueprint aka “Partitura de Interacción”

January 15, 2012

After working as a Designer for Business Development at I am convinced that despite my strong believe in User Centered Design, I also believe that Design should be working alongside the business. Still, I was intrigued and willing to find different ways to feed in the organization into the design. I can’t recall the…

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